10 brilliant sexy Halloween costumes


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There are lots of terribleoffensive Halloween costumes on sale this year, as usual. While you’re figuring out a feminist costume this week, get inspired by some clever costumes by the feminist filmmaker Cheryl Furjanic, who has won awards for her documentaries and her costumes. 

Cheryl Furjanic‘s Back on Board: Greg Louganis, a new documentary feature about the gay, HIV+ Olympic champion is getting great buzz and won the audience award at Outfest. Furjanic’s previous feature documentary, Sync or Swim, about swimmers trying to get onto the all women’s synchronized swim team for the Olympics received numerous awards including a Billie Award for Journalism from the Women’s Sports Foundation. She also recently signed on as the Consulting Producer for the documentary Reel in the Closet.

But that’s not all! Furjanic’s Halloween costumes are a refreshing alternative to the “sexy [insert animal or profession]” available at a store near you. And, like her films, they’ve won awards, from the now closed Brooklyn lesbian bar Cattyshack. RIP.

I asked the New York-based Furjanic about her “process,” and she explained,

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved Halloween. But sometime around middle school something shifted. My grandmother had given me a book of creative costumes that you could make yourself. That gave me an insight into costume construction and I started making costumes from the book. People responded really well to them and I just kept going. I outgrew the book at some point and spent a bunch of years making bizarre and/or elaborate costumes (I once dressed as Hanson, the entire boy band).

At some point I came up with the idea to dress as an idiom or a play on words and things kind of took off from there.  The living room of my apartment is  my costume workshop. It’s a real scene with foam and tape and glue everywhere.  Sometimes friends come over to hang out (or help) while I’m building. Often we’ll all make our costumes together and then go out together. The best part for me is walking around the city  and having people guess what I’m dressed as. And my friends are always eager to find out what I’m going to be that year.

When I asked Furjanic if she had ever felt pressure to wear “sexy” or “pretty” costumes, she responded, “Depends on your definition of pretty/sexy. I’ve absolutely never felt pressure to dress in a revealing costume. But I find smarts and a sense of humor to be pretty sexy. So my version is a clever costume where I can’t fit through doorways and have trouble sitting down.”

Check out some of Furjanic’s costumes below. See if you can guess what they are. I put the captions under the photos so don’t cheat!
Check out the Costumes

Nine Halloween costumes that are both sexist and racist and on sale right now!


Ladies! Are you tired of having to choose between either a sexist and objectifying Halloween costume or a racist and unflattering one disguise? Well are you in for a treat! Because I’m about to show you how you can have it all this Halloween!

Just go online, find a website like Brands On Sale  specializing in costumes and look for the “International” section.

To make your job easier, I’ve picked out some of my favorites. So lean in and check out some totally offensive, culture-mocking, and hypersexualizing costumes, along with the offensive names and descriptions that accompany them.


1. Adult Sexy Mexican Shot Girl Costume


Adult Sexy Mexican Shot Girl Costume via brandsonsale

“The Sexy Mexican Serape and Hat costume is one spicy number for this Halloween. Complete with shot glasses, this Senorita outfit is ready for the party! For a hot couples costume, try our other Mexican and international costumes.”

Main Features

  • Serape mini dress
  • Belt with four loops and bottle holster
  • 4 shot glasses
  • TEQUILA print sombrero

I actually appreciate how the description of the costume says senorita instead of señorita. There’s something honest about spelling it senorita, despite the fact the spell-check will correct it. Like they embrace their utter ignorance. And the fun-loving-alcohol-drinking Mexican stereotype is so original and refreshing.

2. Women’s South of the Border Costume

Women’s South of the Border Costume via brandsonsale


“This Latina costume has all the spice of traditional Mexican clothing with just a bit of extra pink. The one piece dress falls below the knees and features a loose fit top for a classical look.”

I almost admire this costume for not really making any sense. it’s like it doesn’t even know what stereotypes to work with. Also, can a costume even be “Latina”?

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The best right-wing Christian Halloween costumes of 2014

With Halloween less than two weeks away, it’s never too early to start planning your costume. This year, why not make a statement and go as your favorite Christian Right hero, heroine, meme or hypocrisy.


Bristol Palin (Wiki Commons)

What You’ll Need:  Long brown hair or a wig; a suit (skirt and jacket) or a professional dancer outfit; name tags; a sharpie; a pillow; a real life or toy baby or toddler; a bottle of Mountain Dew or a bottle of Bleach; condoms; a hole-puncher.

Instructions: Put on a suit or a Dancing with the stars outfit and shove a pillow in it so you look pregnant. Also wear a long brown hair wig.  Write Bristol Palin on a name tag and put it on yourself. Write Tripp Palin on a name tag and put it on real or doll baby. Take the condoms out of the wrapper and hole punch through each one in a few places. Then put the condoms in your pocket.  Carry around the baby in one hand all night. In the other hand carry the bottle of bleach or Mountain Dew. Offer people sips and explain that abstinence only is the best policy but that if they’re in a jam, they should drink some Mountain Dew so they don’t get pregnant. Take out the hole-punched condoms and explain that those never work.


Florida Box Turtle (wikipedia)
Florida Box Turtle (wikipedia)


What You’ll Need: An adult-sized tuxedo; a stuffed animal of your choice, but preferably a box turtle, if you can find one; a baby tuxedo; poster board; sharpie, preferably a rainbow pack; two gold rings; crazy glue.

Instructions: Put on the tuxedo and the ring. Take the stuffed animal (hopefully a box turtle, but any animal will do) and put it in the baby tuxedo. Crazy glue the ring onto the animal. Take the poster board and write “Just Married” on it. If you bought the rainbow pack, alternate the colors for the different letters. Put the sign on your back. Continue reading “The best right-wing Christian Halloween costumes of 2014”